2020 In Review

Well, it was all a bit shit hey? At the start of the year I don’t recall exactly what my plans were but I can tell you right now, for most part it didn’t involve not being able to travel, or being confined to my house for 23 hours a day, but we persevered and needless to say the outcome was good.

I do know that I aimed for a quieter year, which I sort of got, but also didn’t:


I had the great pleasure of being able to help @francalovescake run her awesome two day workshop at 0xCC on Cloud Network Security. Also a big shout out to Franca who is a DevOps Girls Organiser and general awesome person who you should go follow if you’re not already.

ISO27001 Implementer Certified

I’ve been working in governance, risk and compliance for just over a year and a half now, and this year I became ISO27001 Implementer certified after a lot of scheduling and rescheduling! This was exciting because it’s one of my first professional certificates since I graduated from university! So if you need someone to implement ISO27001, I’m ya gal!

Advent of Code

For the first time I decided to give Advent of Code a try - there were a fair few challenges that I really struggled with and they took me more than 48 hours to complete and there were also some I never finished but I had a lot of fun learning more about things like dynamic programming.

Advent of Code GitHub Repo.

Seasons of Serverless

2020 was my year of really deep diving Azure, I took the time to explore a bunch of different areas of the platform - I started hosting my website using Azure and Azure DevOps and when the Christmas themed programming challenges started to roll out Seasons of Serverless popped up! The general idea was that each week for 7 weeks someone in the Microsoft/Serverless community would post a unique code challenge exploring a recipe and food.

Note I’ve since taken down all of the solutions because the season is over, but all of them can be deployed locally, or on your own Azure Functions instance.

Seasons of Serverless GitHub Repo.


Towards the end of the year, I was approached by @OWASPDevSlop to be a co-host on the show which was a bunch of fun (even though I had to wake up at 4am because timezones suck!) you can watch the show here:

New Job

Towards the end of the year I took a massive leap and applied for a security engineering role at Canva. I won’t lie having worked in consulting for the past 4 years, or 80% of my career, I was anxious to go back into a product company. In mid/late December I took the offer and started 2021 as a Cavanaught!

I don’t know what 2021 will hold for me, but I hope it’s filled with fun projects, less computer fires, and more friends. Until next time ✌.