Collapsology: Why Exposed RDP Isn’t Your Biggest Threat

In September 2021, I presented a conference talk entitled “Collapsology: Why Exposed RDP Isn’t Your Biggest Threat” where I gave an overview of how to identify cultural threats in a rapidly evolving business landscape, and how we can use modern-day tools to identify these threats before they result in security culture collapse.


PyConline 2021 - Collapsology: Why your biggest threat isn’t exposed RDP by errbufferoverfl

Security Culture Toolkit

The People-Centric Security Toolkit by Lance Hayden is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Lance’s website went down some time in December 2020, but you can still view it via Way Back Machine.

The People-Centric Security Toolkit can also be downloaded in it’s original format from my site below:


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